US pallets

USA pallets - GMA pallets - COSTCO pallets

US pallets are produced mainly for shipping goods overseas.

We have US pallets in stock for immediate use.

We produce different sizes, mainly:

1219 x 1016mm - 48" x 40" - (GMA Pallets, COSTCO Pallets)
1200 x 1000mm
1190 x 990mm

We produce pallets according to your plans and requirements. We are ready to follow your product design. We have equipment for making pallet notches for stringer pallets.

Production of COSTCO and GMA pallets with IPPC/ISPM15 certification.

Selection of wood species, thick of the elements and cuts, planing of loading surfaces, special markings.

At the production of custom pallets - we offer heat treatment according to IPPC/ISPM15. retargeting code